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The Grindful Dead - I Spit On Your God Limited Edition Cassette

£3.50 - On Sale

At the beginning of 2018 RRSS Recs and The Grindful Dead teamed up to bring you the expended re-releases of their Demo 'Black Goat Barbeque'.
The releases was a success for both parties so we are doing it again!

We now bring you the Limited Edition Cassette version of The Grindful Dead's Debut album, 'I Spit On Your God', 31 songs of brutal grindcore with lyrics tackling social and religious issues with a musical style reminiscent of Napalm Death, Terrorizer and Extreme Noise Terror.

Comes on Red Transparent Cassette.

All songs ripped out of the entrails of the Grindful Dead
except “Nada Sem Valor” (anally extorted and stolen from DFC).
Recorded, mixed, mastered and gangbanged during
alcoholic sessions at GrindHouse Studio in 2016.
Aditional venomous vocals on
“My Venom T-Shirt” by Gustav’n Roses.
Special thanx to Bruno Ramon, our spare butcher

Fuck religion.

Fuck music.

Fuck you.

Sold Out