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HorseBastard / Retortion Terror Split 7"

Image of HorseBastard / Retortion Terror Split 7"

£4.50 - On Sale

Blast-core mayhem from Liverpool, UK with Corrupt Moral Altar // Confine // Chinsniffer members - in the vein of Excruciating Terror and Discordance Axis vs Japanese straight forward, totally bonkers grindcore, but the riffs, the blasts–everything has a signature. The legendary guitarist Takafumi Matsubara (you should know him from Gridlink, etc ...) is back. FFO - Wormrot, Kill the Client and Insect Warfare.
There will be 250 copies pressed only!
shared between 5 different labels and the bands. We have a very limited number of copies. First come first serve !!
Cheers for support.

Sold Out