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The Mild - Coffin Tree LP

£10.00 - On Sale

Coming out more than 2 years since their debut EP “Left To Starve”, “Coffin Tree” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Mal DeTesta Recording Studio in Padua, Italy. The offering smashes the hurdles between crusty, d-beat punk, powerviolence and grindcore infused hardcore and good old thrashy metal, and will be available in full on March 24th via Assurd Records, Grim Reality Records, Hecatombe Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records, Sonatine Produzioni, Tanato Records, Zas Autoproduzioni Records, Good Times Records, Mustard Mustache, Toten Schwan Records, and Youth Of Today Collective & Label.

The concept behind Coffin Tree is the death related to social status and civic sense. The two themes addressed in the lyrics are the reflections that lead to suicide and death that find their meeting point in the tree that acts as a coffin. Starting from these subjects I focused on the Massacre of Pedescala (a small village near Vicenza, Italy) during which more than 60 people died among men, women and children, in 1945, at the end of the war. The German army killed the population along the main road of the village and it is still possible to see the gravestones of the civilians nailed to the trees along the road to the cemetery. Another important subject for writing the lyrics was the Aokigahara forest in Japan. The peculiarity of this dense forest is the ease of getting lost inside it and it is also known to be the site of many suicides by the Japanese population, exasperated by the logorant and unnerving conditions of life and work. Obviously the title “Coffin Tree” is a clear allusion to suicide by hanging.

The Mild is a metalpunk band from Venice (IT). Its Ep “Left To Starve” was released by several labels from Europe, United States and Brazil in November 2015. Thanks to “Left To Starve” the band had the chance to play at Venice Hardcore Fest, FFud Fest, Monteparadiso Fest and Disintegrate Your Ignorance Fest. It also had the opportunity to share the stage with Today Is The Day, Birds In Row, Hierophant, Doom and Ufomammut. THE MILD is: Alessandro Cossu – Drums; Andrea Alfier – Bass Guitar; Vanny Piccoli – Guitars/Vocals.