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Atavistik Death Pose 7"

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With their self titled debut EP, the band combines both metal and punk influences. The six tracks range from the punk-laden Celtic Frost worship of opener Tropane Alkaloids, to epic metal hymns like Neptune's Call, to short bursts like Speedwell.

ADP aims to annihilate the listener with a pulsing and heaving wall of downtuned riffs, devoid of cheesy melodism and instead opting for a rabid mid tempo swing not unlike something you could hear on Triumph of Death or Morbid Tales.The songs are designed to deliver the most amount of crushing distortion, possessed, sneering madman vocals and bludgeoning rhythms possible in a unit of time. This is the serrated edge where the most barbaric and antediluvian strains of punk and metal interlock in an avalanche of howling, unmitigated aggression.

Atavistik Death Pose was formed in London in 2016. Or was it? Drummer, Raquel, of Surya and guitarist, Pablo, of Armour of Contempt had been jamming for some time, trying to experiment with playing different styles and different instruments. One day they were chatting with Bloody Kev of Hard to Swallow/Diagnosis? Bastard! and he was saying how much he missed doing vocals more regularly. They were onto something. It was proposed to do a guitar, drums and vocals band but Kev said "I don't want none of that trendy shit, get me a bass player!" After a short while, Aleksia of Cult Syndrome joined the band and the covenant was complete.