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Distro CDs - £6 or less

Image of Distro CDs - £6 or less

£6.00 - On Sale

Difenacum - Alegrame El Dia cd (Ols school grindcore, unrelenting)

Evil Emperor -S/T cd (Death metal)

Fecund Betrayal cd (Funeral Black Metal)

Halo Of Flys-Bloodier Shade Of Red cd creepy Heavy Metal)

Hutt ‎– Monstruario CD

Hutt ‎– Sessão Descarrego CD (Rerelease with Horror³ ep as bonus)

Konfident-My Jsme Ta Příčina CD (crust/fastcore/thrash)

Low Fat / Onset Of Serious Problems split cd (both bands play fastcore/ powerviolence)

Lysergene-Critical Mass cd (Bleak Doom dome with power electronics and soundscapes)

Merciless Precision-Blood God EP cd (top notch uk grindcore from bristol)

Next Victim ‎– This Moment Of Silence Before The Storm Digi CD (Hardcore/Sludge for Neurosis fans)

(Waning) - the funeral mountains cd (doom/post-metal)

Wilt - your will has been broken cd (dark ambient)