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Disfortune - Disanthropy Digi CD (last copies!!!)

Image of Disfortune - Disanthropy Digi CD (last copies!!!)

£6.00 - On Sale

Bristols latest weapon in the war against music

Savage and relentless Discrust, POUNDING and direct, yet catchy as hell. For fans of Wolfpack and Disclose.

Melodic, yet grind-influenced metalpunk mayhem.

Disfortune formed in Bristol in February 2011 playing raw D-beat crust. After self releasing the demo "The Grand Disappointment" and getting a steady line up together (including members of Exeter Grind band Human Cull) they recorded a second demo "D-beat noisemarines" which was given out for free. They started gigging one year after forming in February 2012 and have since SHARED the stage with Doom, Warhead, Violent Arrest, FUK, Wormrot, Agnosy, Looking for an answer, Crucial Section and Geriatric Unit among others. Their debut ep "Disanthropy" was released on tape by Desorden records (Spain) in October 2013 and is now available on CD.

Download available here (includes both demo's!) -